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Carlos Clavelli


Carlos Clavelli has studied and created art and artesean.  He is from Uruguay.  Since 1983 he has focused exclusively on creating and designing objects out of wood.  This line of works marries wood and other materials like wool and Cow Hide using only natural colors.   Carlos often collorbrates with his wife Rocio Garcia. 

Carlos Clavelli has many influences that shaped his profession as a craftsman: he studied three years at the Faculty of Architecture, he attended classes at Fine Arts as well as at the School of Design Center. In 1983, he and his wife Rocio made the decision to start her own family project. The personal situation that lurked pushed into action. "We pushed for creating artistic objects that push the boundries of design and wanted to work as indepent artists so we could stay home take care of our first daughter" sums Dew. During the early years of experimentation, the workshop focused on the development of wooden toys which evenutally lead to the focus shifting to sculptural pieces.

Gradually and steadily over time, our project grew and gained great interest internationally. Carlos is in charge of design, cut, carving and assemblege, while Rocio assists and collaborates in each stage of the process: from the first sketches to the finalized work. The whole process is done in the same workshop, located at the Prado, and each piece is handcrafted.

Currently there are two distinct lines of work. The first line showcases small-scale sculptural objects in wood, which generally connote scenes of Uruguayan culture, rural landscapes, & rural animals. For the production and design of objects we use locally sourced wood with other materials such as leather, felt and wool, "It's the most logical, since they the most accessible materials.  They also identify the place of origin and show the cultural environment of those objects ". Wool and hides are always left in their in their natural colors, which adds value to the natural representation.

The pieces of the workshop have a very stripped aesthetic, where the raw material takes the lead role in each object. “The quality Uruguayan wool and leather are world renowned with its fineness, color and texture.  This make for very pleasant materials to work with and give aesthetic value to the piece," says Rocio.

The objects are composed of parts that are assembled together. “These are decorative items that were not meant to be touched. However, wool in its natural state inevitably invites touch," say the craftsmen, revealing that their objects are seen through the five senses.

The marketing of the pieces is done through craft shops and art galleries. In Uruguay objects can be obtained through Clavelli Workshop (Loreto Gomensoro 754) and outlets in Montevideo and Colonia. The works are showcased in galleries throughout Argentina, the United States and China.

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