Stacking Diffuser Bracelets
coconut shell and Lava Rock diffuser Bracelets.
Julie White Scarves/Socks
Laura Wood
Powder Coated Brass statement jewelry by Artist Laura Wood
Bronwen GWillim
Recycled Plastic statement jewelry that looks like river rocks. Jewelry by UK Artist Bronwen Gwilliam available at Adaro Art, a gallery on 30A in Florida
One We Made Earlier
Statement Jewelry with an Architectural vibe by UK designers One We Made Earlier. The beads are handmade acrylic and slide on the rope chain. Available at Adaro Art, a gallery on 30A in Florida.
Emily Green
Bright Happy Polymer Statement necklaces and earrings by Australian jewelry designer Emily Green. Works Available at Adaro Art, an art gallery on 30a in florida
Four Eyes Ceramics
Stunning Ceramic statement earrings created by Jenny Rush of Four Eyes Ceramics. Modern Jewelry available at Adaro Art, a Gallery located on 30a in florida
Cecilia Borghi
Beautiful whimsical statement necklaces created by Buenos Aires Artist Cecilia Borghi. Each bead is painstakingly made by hand and Borghi also hand dyes the linen used for the fringe and chain. These Bold pieces are available at Adaro Art, a gallery located on 30a in florida.
Eden Rain Bead Works
These stunning, colorful and ultra dramatic earrings by Betty Conant are head turners. These statement earrings are available at Adaro Art, a gallery on 30A in florida.
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