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Adaro Art

Fine Art for the Walls
Whimsical/Figurative work and stretches the imagination.
Luciano Polverigiani Ceramic Sculptures.
Signed Prints/Woodcuts
Signed Prints by J.Borges, Lee White, Francisco Adaro and Debortina Studios
Wearable Art
Handmade Unique Jewelry. These pieces are completely handmade and are art pieces you can wear.
Unique Handmade Ceramics and Decor on 30A. Find Unique pieces for your home that no one else will have.
Paper Vases
Waterproof Paper Vase Covers by Spanish Company Octaevo
For the Kids
Stuffed Animals and Coloring Posters.
Salvador Doggie T Shirts. Cute Illustration of Salvador Doggie, Pablo P- Cat-o, Vincent Van Goat, Andy Narwhal, and 30A tee shirts, 30a hats, 30a stickers 30a key chains
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