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Family Portraits

What to do:

1) Order appropriate size for size of family. They do come framed. 

2) Email photos of your family (they don't have to be good and you don't have to be together) photos on on your phone are fine just make sure the photos are clear (no dark shadows, big hats or sunglasses covering the face)

3) Send info on what makes each person or family unique with a small physical description of the person in the photo.  Please take note that these are created with ink and watercolor.  There are no proofs.  This is also what makes them so whimsical and loose. So if there is something you definitely don't want or definitely do want make sure to include this info prior to creating the work.

Example: Brooke- Woman with long hair wearing green, loves animals, traveling, porch swings, and gardening. Mother of the two young kids wearing pink and blue. The family enjoys trips to Italy and Argentina but live on a farm in Florida with two goats, two dogs, a cat, chickens and a sweet opossum.

4) I'll let you know when it's done.  That's it. Easiest and most thoughtful gift ever. 

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