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Francisco Adaro: Brushing Creativity onto the Canvas of Family with a Whimsical Twist of Funny!

As I drove through Freeport, Florida, to see Francisco Adaro's art studio for the first time, I couldn't wait to see the inspiration behind his work. Because I know Francisco, I know his art reflects life through his eyes. Unsurprisingly, when I pulled up, I found him surrounded by goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and a possum. He has thoroughly painted this picture throughout his pieces, full of the animals and nature on the coast and, more importantly, in his backyard, where his story truly unfolds with his wife and business partner, Brooke.

Brooke and Francisco met in the streets of Argentina, where he was selling his artwork. His art was the first piece of art Brooke had ever purchased. Ten years went by before they would cross paths again. After their first collision, Brooke returned to America to be a wine expert while Francisco continued being an artist in Argentina. But as fate would have it, Brooke went bankrupt in the financial crash of 2008 and lost everything. She had two things left in her name: a car and Francisco's painting. With nothing left to lose, Brooke caught a flight back to Argentina, hoping to learn Spanish and pick up a new career here in America. To her surprise, she ran into Francisco and left Argentina with more than a second language but a husband and now a family where they have created a life beyond what they could have imagined.

Inspired by his own story, he has perfectly depicted whimsical and magical beauty on the coast in its simplest form. Every work represents their life, family, and, most importantly, their love. You can't help but feel a sense of meaning within every piece of his work. From the backroads of Freeport to his art gallery in Water Sound, a story told throughout his art will leave you feeling the bliss that comes from his life. Watch the video above to hear the whole story and see their creatures.

"Inspired by his own story, he has perfectly depicted whimsical and magical beauty on the coast in its simplest form."

You can visit the Adaro Art Gallery located at 21 Hub Lane, Watersound, Florida, 32461, or visit our website at

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