Debrah Groover
Deborah and Tina of Debortina studios based in Tallahassee creates stunning works with a 3D quality. All the figures are cut and created from polymer clay and painstakingly attached to acrylic painted wood canvases.
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez of Zoonchez art is a Madrid based artist known throughout Europe for his giant murals with bold lines and primary colors.
Francisco Adaro
Originally from Buenos Aires, Florida based artist Francisco Adaro creates inspiring paintings and drawings that are serious works that always have a whimsical and humorous feel to them. Adaro's art always inspires a smile.
Eulogia Merle
Original Illustration of Patti Smith by Eulogia Merle
Tom Berry
Limited Edition Screen Print by Artist Tom Berry
Manuel Paz
Manuel Paz is an Argentine artist known throughout Buenos Aires for his whimsical and charming paintings of robots and their daily lives.
His work is for the adult that never lets go of his sense of childhood wonder and surprise.
J.Borges is Brazil's most famous Woodblock artist. His Woodblock prints have graced the cover of countless books, magazines and newspapers in Brazil.
Brooke Gontarek
Brooke Gontarek creates bold Photographs mostly in black and white. Her primary subject are animals where they are often looking directly into the camera.
Luciano Polverigiani
Amazing and Unique Ceramic Sculptures by Famous Argentine Ceramicist Luciano Polverigiani
Keti Anastaski
I modern take on the classic Curvy female form of the Renaissance Era. These buxom Beauties by Grecian Ceramicist Keti Anastaski are sure are a focal point and certainly a conversation piece to any room.
Carlos Clavelli
Adorable Sculptures of Sheep and Cows by Uruguay Artist Carlos Clavelli
Heather Knight
Savanah based sculpture Heather knight of Element Clay Studios makes beautiful ceramic sea inspired creations that are awe inspiring.
Kim Murton
Fun and humorous Ceramic Sculptures by Washington State Ceramicist and Illustrator Kim Murton.
Flavio Siganda is a designer woodworker of adorable whimsical magnetic sculptural toys for adults or childred.
Fun and Adorable White Ceramic Planters with feet created by Spanish Ceramicist Lydia de la Pinera and Luis Llamas of Madriguera Workshop.
Yoonjee Kwak
Modern Ceramic vases with a sculptural feel are created by South Korean and long time Archie Bray resident Yoonjee Kwak. These Ceramic vases take centerstage on any table.
Mica Demarquez
Bright, Colorful Handmade Ceramic Mugs by Portland Ceramicist Mica Demarquez of Mimi Likey Ceramics
Ismael Carre
Beautiful, Bright, Colorful & modern Ceramics by French bases Ceramicist Ismael Carre.
Emma Lacey
This UK based Ceramicist Emma Lacey has managed to make the most comfortable to hold and beautiful Ceramic mugs ever. Morning Coffee never looked so good.
Jessica Thorn
Uk Ceramicist Jessica Thorn creates elegant smooth ceramic pieces that have a lovely sense of surprise with her stitching details and pops of color.
Eric Hibelot
French based ceramicist Eric Hibelot of L'atelier des garcons creates very modern whimsical coffee cups and vases that add charm to any table.
Sophie Alda
Sophie Alda a UK based ceramicist creates bold dramatic vases with a ultra marina blue and white motif.
Sidai is a group of extremely talented weavers from Africa that create these striking modern necklaces and bracelets using traditional weaving methods.
La Joyeria
Stunning Gold Jewelry with a whimsical and modern take on the gold jewelry. This Buenos Aires Based Jeweler creates work with a fresh and young feel.
Emily Green
Joyful jewelry is the best way to describe one of our best selling artists polymer clay earrings and necklaces. Her work is colorful and charming and turns any boring outfit into a fun outfit.
Betty Conant
Amazing Texan bead weaving master Betty Conant of Edenrain Bead works creates incredible bracelets and earrings that sparkly and shine. You can't help but smile and show off wearing her work.
Emma & Rob Orchardson
Emma & Rob Orchardson are UK based Jewelers that create big bold colorful necklaces that are meant to be noticed. Their pieces always manages to start conversations where ever you where them.
Paula Pizani
Buenos Aires based jeweler Paula Pizani creates these incredibly light, colorful, architectural and modern necklaces that seem to float on the wearer.
Laura Herrera
Originally from Argentina but based in Miami Laura Herrera takes architectural style Jewelry to another lever. Her jewelry feels like sculptures that you wear while still being extremely light and weightless to wear.
Yiying Wang
Yiying Wang the UK based designer at Noodoll creates adorable plush creatures that are loved equally by adults and children of all ages.
Elvire Laurent & Marie-Cerise Lichtl
Elvire Laurent & Marie-Cerise Lichtlé of OMY are French illustrators that create giant funny and educational coloring maps for the entire family to enjoy
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